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Survival Game

Action Thriller. Welcome to Off the Grid Wilderness Survival School… Lesson one? Be prepared! Annie Mills runs a school with her husband Daryl to teach city folk to use weapons and hunt for prey. When Billy goes off the rails and kills her husband Annie plays cat and mouse escaping into the woods. When Annie decides to fight back, her predator Billy becomes the prey!

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Death & Marriage

Opposites attract in this ROMANTIC MYSTERY THRILLER in the vein of BASIC INSTINCT and BODY HEAT. Brigette Kern is an icy-blonde Austrian who is running away from her past when she marries Bernard “Burn” Maynard a free-spirited painter from Los Angeles in a flight of spontaneous fancy. She soon becomes Burn’s muse in a series of paintings that could lead to Burn becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams!

Drop of Blood

Horror Comedy. James is going to find out that a single drop of blood will change his life forever.
He lives in the perfect house with a perfect wife where he has a perfect life until...
A single drop of blood makes him go mad!

Cricket Man

Samesh aka Sam, a graphic novel illustrator dreams of creating a SuperHero that will reflect his Indian culture. After many fails including the ridiculous Cricket Man (The sport not the bug ) his girlfriend asks him the question that will inspire him to create the perfect Superhero.. "What's your Superpower?"


An extra marital one-night stand which ends in a suicide soon turns into a murder investigation when Jason, a journalist in search of a salicious story, wanders into the dark world of online hook ups.